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Our records indicate that you currently use the Bill Pay platform within Online Banking. We’re writing to inform you that on June 3rd, after finalizing the conversion, you will continue to access your Bill Pay through the new Online and Mobile Banking.

Important Change in Terms: OAS FCU’s Bill Pay will only work through a Checking Account. OAS FCU’s Reward Checking is free, with no minimum balance requirements, and no monthly deposit or special activity requirements –and it generates dividends-. If you wish to continue using the Bill Pay service, we encourage you to open a Checking Account after June 3rd so that you may continue using the service after conversion.

Keep in mind, no payment history or payee information will be transferred to the new platform. You will need to add all payees’ information and schedule your recurrent payments again in the new Online Banking.


This is why we encourage you to document your current payee’s information now, including payee name, payee account number*, contact information, payment date, and payment amount: Additionally, please print or make a copy of your payment history prior to May 31st by 1:00PM.

If you have additional questions, please email us at:

New System Implementation To-Do List


Before 1:00PM on May 31st


Log into online banking


In the main menu, under the Services tab, click BILL PAY


Document your current payees’ information (name, account number*, contact information), payment date, and amount


Print or make a copy of your payment history


Start gathering your most recent statements that you will want added in the new Bill Pay System


After June 3rd at 10:00AM


Log into your new Online and Mobile Banking


Using your most recent bill statement(s), enter each payee’s information, account number*, payment amount and payment date into the new system

* Please refer to your most recent bill to obtain the payee's account number, since it isn’t displayed in your current Bill Pay.

What else is changing?

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