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We understand that, for convenience’s sake you may prefer to have a variety of options to make payments to your friends, colleagues or family members1. Here are instructions on how to use your OAS FCU Rewards Checking Account on some of the most popular apps.


Venmo, PayPal, Cash: 

In order to send and receive payments using Venmo, PayPal or Cash, you can add your OAS FCU Debit Card or your Rewards Checking Account.

  • Debit Card: Enter your OAS FCU Debit Card number, expiration date (MM/YY), three-digit security code, and your zip code.
  • Reward Checking Account: Enter the OAS FCU routing Number 254075069 and your account number.
  • Venmo: To verify your OAS FCU account, look for two deposits and two withdrawals (micro-transfers) on your account activity over the next three days after you sign up, each for $1 or less. Once you have received the micro-transfers, visit and enter the information.
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1 The person receiving the funds must have an account or debit card from a financial institution in the US.