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Pay anyone in seconds, at anytime, anywhere

Need to pay the babysitter? Reimburse a coworker for lunch? With our P2P service, you can send payments to anyone, anytime. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number.

Best of all, they don’t need to have an account at the Credit Union or in any specific bank (unlike Zelle), or a specific app (unlike Venmo) to receive the funds; they only need to have a checking account or a debit card in the U.S..

All you need to get started is Online Banking access, an OAS FCU Debit Card and your recipient’s email address or cell phone number.


Set up your P2P and star managing your payments:

1 Login to your Online or Mobile Banking. Go to the Payments tab and select P2P.
2 Read and accept the Terms of Use and Agreement.
3 Register your OAS FCU Debit Card by entering the information.
Next time you need to make a payment, you simply will need to enter the receiver’s information, payment amount and a note -if you want to include one.


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