Online Shopping Safety During the Holidays

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like Christmas to cybercriminals, because they know that shoppers are looking for the best deals on high-ticket items. They’ll be on the prowl for your login, card, and personal information.

There are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your information before you set out shopping. The first step is STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

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Stay Safe from Cybercrime during Tax Time

Tax season is prime time for online scams. With the April 18 filing deadline just two months away, cybercriminals are looking to lift your personal information to cash in on a refund request and/or steal your identity. The problem is rampant: in 2015, the Federal Trade Commission received close to half a million complaints, and nearly half (45 percent) ‒ were tax fraud-related. Cyber thieves are crafty: they can break into your account or device and literally steal your online life – as well as your tax refund.

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Online Gaming Tips for Parents

Online gaming often involves interaction with other computers and live players. It’s fun for kids to connect with others, but they also need to understand how to protect themselves so gaming remains an enjoyable activity. Though some parents might like to prohibit game use, the reality is that most young people have access to computers and online games, if not at home, then at friends’ houses and possibly at school.

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Online Safety Tips for Older Adults

Going online lets you keep learning, connect with friends and family and play games. Just as you fasten your seat belt before driving, take precautions before using the Internet to be sure you are safe and secure. The first step is to STOP. THINK. CONNECT.: take safety measures, think about the consequences of your actions and connect knowing you have taken steps to safeguard yourself when online.

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Tips for Passwords & Securing your Accounts

Passwords can be inconvenient, but they’re important if you want to keep your information safe.

Protecting your personal information starts with STOP. THINK. CONNECT.: take security precautions, think about the consequences of your actions online and enjoy the Internet with peace of mind. Here are some simple ways to secure your accounts through better password practices.

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