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After logging in, you are taken directly to the home page where you can see all your accounts in one place. This page is divided into three convenient sections: Financial Tools, Accounts, and Account Summary.


Financial Tools


Account Summary


Financial Tools



The first section is part of our Primary Financial Management (PFM) tool designed to help you get better insights into your finances. Here are six features within this great tool:


See your spending habits in a visual pie chart representation.

Track your monthly finances by adding targets to help you manage your expenses.

Track your habits even further to see how you spend your money over time.

See all your income and expenses on a given day, including future predictions. Know ahead of time if you’ll be able to afford a big purchase.

Total your assets and debts and view a line graph to see how funds are allocated.

View all your debts and view payment plans to become debt-free as quickly as possible.




Provides an overview of your accounts, loans, and credit cards from OAS FCU, as well as those you have at other financial institutions, when linked. Simply click the “Link Account” button that appears in the top right section of the page, and you will have a complete pictures of your finances.


The tools within PFM help you calculate your net worth, set budgets, view your spending habits and trends, and set up a debt payment plan. Before you can start taking advantage of this tools and to set up your financial goals, you will need to link the accounts from other institutions.


The icon gives you additional options to perform quick actions on the most used tools without having to navigate through different pages.



Access the Account Details page to review the activity on a specific account.


A simple and fast way to make transactions within your OAS FCU accounts.


Label each of your accounts to differentiate your accounts and to keep your finances organized.


Organize your account by categories. Simply create a group and drag the account that belongs to it.



Account Summary



Quickly assess how much money is in all your accounts from OAS FCU and your linked accounts at other financial institutions:


Gives you the total amount of money in your accounts and breaks down those funds into percentages.

Each colored piece represents one of your accounts and displays its percentage of total funds as well as the balance.

The "View Transactions" link gives you more information.




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